Washington State

As an original founder of Veterans 1st (V1), I wanted to create a positive event for the motorcycle community to get behind in order to honor its state’s Veterans. Even though we are not a political organization, I wanted to attract fiercely patriotic motorcycle enthusiasts that have a love for their country, respect for our flag, and a desire to honor our Veterans. We started as 12 riders riding to the Capital of Oregon in Salem, and we have grown to over 200 motorcyclists at the ORV1 in 2017 event. What started as a spark has ignited into a wave of patriotism. We are creating a movement. Come ride to Olympia with us September 16, 2018.

All who ride the inaugural event will be considered “Washington State Veterans 1st Founders.” Ride the event, get the patch, and by participating in the first ride you can acquire the special WAV1 Founder chevron, which can neatly be stitched under your patch. Every year we have another year’s chevron. There are also special chevrons for road captains, and for those who are part of the V1TEAM.

It’s the ride to the capital that makes the V1 event. We will have predetermined meeting places along the way to Olympia as we gain momentum riding toward the capital. Then we will meet up at a predetermined location and ride in as one! The event itself will last 90 minutes. We will have music, a keynote speaker, a photographer to take the group pics. We have this event on a Sunday in order to make it possible for as many to attend as possible.

We ride to honor our Veterans. If you are riding from Seattle/Tacoma and want to be part of this awesome event, we want to hear from you. Please contact us. We need all of the good help we can get!

It always feels good to do something right!

They fought for us; now we ride for them.

Always With Respect.

“Keep the Faith!”

Rick Tilbury - Veterans 1st Founder

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