Oregon State

Oregon, a beautiful corner of our nation full of Patriotic pride regardless of how the mainstream media chooses to portray our state. Also, the birthplace of the Patriotic movement known as Veterans 1st. Out of necessity, a small group of bikers decided to band together to bring light to the blatant misuse of power exhibited by our Democratic and far left government, specifically the current governor, Ms. Brown.

The year 2016 was a tremendous turning point in Oregon history. Measure 96 was introduced to the voters for their approval. This measure would allow 1.5% of state lottery funds to be allocated to Veterans affairs generating an estimated 18 million dollars of revenue over the first two years. Voters overwhelmingly passed this monumental measure with 84% in favor of passing. During the same voting cycle another measure was formed known as Measure 97. This measure would substantially increase the already daunting tax on businesses. It was hailed as the savior of Oregon and would cost Oregon taxpayers 3 billion dollars a year. This measure was voted down by 59.03% of Oregonians.

Shortly after the voting process, Governor Brown declared over 10 million dollars of taxpayer- approved money for our Veterans would be used in other areas, once again usurping the Will of the people and slapping our Veterans in the face. By imposing enormous tax hikes and reckless spending under the guise of financial emergency, Governor Brown drew a very defined line in the sand, declaring her rule over our state as supreme.

We The People do not accept this injustice.

In a powerful show of strength and unity, the Patriots of Veterans 1st are here to remind Oregon lawmakers who it is exactly they were elected to represent. Special interest groups with their deep pockets have had too tight of a grip on our policy makers. We exist for one purpose.

Veterans have provided us this way of life. It is time we, as a nation, show them our appreciation and gratitude by supporting their needs. With over 300,000 Veterans in Oregon, our government needs to start acting as if these Heroes are human beings. Oregon lawmakers have forgotten why they have the opportunity to sit in their comfortable chairs and oversee the laws that govern the people. It is time we remind them this opportunity is because of the sacrifice of the very people they have abandoned. Our American Patriots. Our Veterans.

September 9th, 2018 we ride, drive, walk, unite as one on the Salem Capitol steps at high noon. Join us as we honor our Veterans here at home. Find our event page on Facebook to follow along as we forge ahead.

We will not be silent any longer
We will not sit down in compliance
We will stand
We will unite
We will never stop until Oregon lawmakers have the Will to make Veterans 1st

Freedom on
Nick Morace - Veterans 1st Founder

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