Land of the Free because of the Brave

We are Veterans 1st.

A Freedom movement born in the state of Oregon in 2016 by a small group of Patriots tired of the indifference shown by state government toward our ever-growing Veteran population. Years of unjust laws, blatant misuse of public funding, and staggering ignorance of the Will of We The People has awakened a sleeping giant known as The American Patriot. For far too long, the Will of the people has been pushed aside to accommodate special interests groups funneling millions of dollars into the pockets of greedy and corrupt politicians. Interest groups with no intent on bettering Oregon as a whole would rather bleed our economy dry while alienating all those who protect our way of life in the name of profit. They hail the destruction of life, the disarmament of the populace, and the welcoming of unlawful beings to reside within the “safe” boundaries of our beautiful state and simply call it Progress. These same people exalt themselves as humanitarian heroes for safe harboring thousands of undocumented individuals who receive housing, food, drink, transportation, medical care, and protection from law enforcement while more than 1,300 brave men and women in Oregon, who fought for our way of life, lie cold on the street with nothing.

The undermining of the Constitution will stop at the hands of the American People.

Veterans 1st is comprised of primarily motorcycle enthusiasts who wish to honor our Veterans, our Heroes, by being their presence and voice to state lawmakers. Since our humble beginnings of a handful of Patriots, Veterans 1st has grown into a movement of hundreds of Patriotic Americans coming from all walks of life. Our common ground being the welfare and support of United States Veterans nationwide.

A flame was sparked in September of 2016 when one hundred Americans joined together as one on the Capitol steps in Salem, Oregon. The fire grew strong in 2017 when over two hundred brave Patriots gathered in unity, respectfully showing lawmakers exactly what the Will of the people was in the state of Oregon. Now, in 2018 we will assemble once again as more than five hundred souls have already reached out to show our Veterans the support they deserve. We will stand as one in honor of our Heroes.

Our movement is fluid, reaching across state lines all over America. Washington state has joined our efforts in an incredible display of honor and respect for our Veterans. Several other states will soon join to provide a voice for our Protectors. Imagine, if you will, all fifty states on the same day in September congregating on the steps of each individual Capitol in support of our Veterans. This year, 2018, we meet September 9th on the steps of the Capitol in Salem, Oregon at noon. Many passionate speakers will present the state of affairs that face our Veterans. The following weekend, Oregon Patriots will travel north in support of our Washington brothers and sisters on September 16th as they too stand together as one at noon on their Capitol steps in Olympia. Together as Americans, we are the voice of the American Patriot.

The time to stand is now
The time to act is now
The time to unite is now

Complacency has crept into the hearts and minds of the American people. Those that dared stand against evil in our stead need our support. No longer will my Heroes, our Veterans be treated as second class citizens. Help them as they have helped you.

The time is now to make Veterans 1st.

Freedom on


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