Q:   Are the events for bikers only?

A:   No. Veterans 1st is made up of primarily bikers but our mission involves Americans from all walks of life. One of the most impressive moments of our events is the ride into and onto the Capitol steps. Making such a loud and powerful statement of support for our Veterans is key to our success but any and all Americans are welcome to join us as we stand as one in unity to support the well-being of our Veterans.

Q:   I am not a Veteran. Can I be apart of Veterans 1st?

A:   Absolutely. We only ask that you show respect for all involved. Any red blooded American can  be a part of Veterans 1st.

Q:   Is Veterans 1st a Right Wing Governmental group?

A:   Although many things we post and write about may have a perceived Right Wing lean politically, we at Veterans 1st take no official stance on what side of the isle we reside. For us, we are all Americans. Not red. Not blue. Americans. We stand for Veterans. To some that may seem extreme or politically conservative but we believe it is simply the right thing to do. We will not tolerate any hate speech of any kind. Without the sacrifice of our Veterans, our Freedoms would not be in place for all to enjoy. It's time to give back.

Q:   Is Veterans 1st just another Trump support group?

A:   No matter who holds the position of Commander in Chief, we understand the authority this position carries and will respect that authority. We do not endorse any candidate, present or future, but will always respect the chain of command and those in authority over us. We believe the power of the people is supreme and encourage all Americans to be educated and involved with the leaders of our state and our country as a whole.

Q:   Where is the ride for the event?

A:   There are many routes throughout each state all leading to one main location offsite from the Capitol. Specific locations will be posted on the perspective state's Facebook page. Dedicated Road Captains will have exact details about each ride including location, arrival time, departure time, formation, and any other pertinent information. As the events draw near, follow the Facebook pages for important updates.